Crossing the Road to be a Friend

Poet Samuel Foss wrote, “Let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man” (“The House by the Side of the Road”). That’s what I want to be—a friend of people.  ODB

Weary Travelers –

The Battered and Wronged –

Those with a Wounded and Disillusioned Heart –

Above is a list (May 16, 2017 on ODB) of people who suffer.  The list could be longer and include other problems.  Who could declare freedom from the burden of suffering whether caused by a personal lack of responsibility or someone else’s heartless interference.

Perhaps it would be better to cease the discussion of who suffers or the causes of suffering.   Samuel Foss may have said it best and the Biblical illustration of the Good Samaritian pictures it best Luke 10:25-37.  The Bible says all who were on the same road with the injured man passed by without helping.  Who did Samuel Foss want to be a friend to?  Weary people, battered and wronged people and people with wounded and disillusioned hearts.”

The Bible encourages someone to “stand in the gap.” Nehemiah 4:7  Summarizing:  Each person needs to see others in need and “cross the road” or “be willing to help.” To be more like Jesus our heart must be like His.  If our heart agrees with His then whoever lies beside the road, whatever the reason they be there or what time or resources it takes to help them we “MUST” do the “RIGHT THING!” Be a friend of people!