“Encouragement Through Faithfulness”


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I personally know of no one but occasionally they need encouragement! Members of all denominations need to encourage each other.  In the marketplace, in neighborhoods, on school grounds nationally and internationally.

In the latter days of his life Joshua wanted to encourage his nation.  He knew their weaknesses and their need of encouragement.  He called the people together and gave commands to help where the people were most likely to slip.  Joshua had been faithful and of course God was faithful.  Therefore, Joshua was an illustration of faithfulness and God had never failed His Chosen Nation.  The Nation would be able to see and gain encouragement through faithfulness.

His first command:  Follow the Word of God.  Specifically Joshua commanded them to follow ALL the Book of the Law of Moses “without turning aside!” The first key to encouragement is following ALL (not part, not the easiest and not the popular) but all the Word of God. Oh, if only all pulpits in America were to be faithful to all the Word and not “shirk” responsibilities America could be great again.

Secondly, Do not associate with the Godless nations around them nor worship their pagan gods.  Years ago I received a very powerful statement as how to live in the world yet not become “like those” of the world.  That advice is found in Joshua 24:14.  Paraphrased and stated simply:  We are to live in the World and make every effort to reach our world but do not become and live like the world in direct opposition and disobedience to the instruction in God’s Word!

REMEMBER:  Faithfulness is an encouraging aspect to life!!!!

Thrird, The author influenced  by the Holy Spirit  warns the people to not enter into marriage with the surrounding (none Jewish) people.

Today the New Testament scripture would warn not to enter into a marriage, referred to as an”unequal yoke.” This scripture refers to and warns against one person (saved) and another (unsaved) marrying.  2 Corinthians 6:14  Most certainly a number of things need to be mentioned about  “unequal yokes.” For instance, does this speak only of the saved and unsaved?  Is it referring to marital relationships only?  I personally believe it is good advice to follow in other “unions” also.  We could see the pros and cons of unequal yokes in the workplace (partnerships), friendships and some social endeavors. Lets look briefly (without being critical, being biased  or asserting a negative view of any other peoples of all cultures and beliefs.

Since part of our desire in creating and hopefully improving this site on a daily basis is not to discourage but encourage its readers.  This includes presenting truth and trusting that truth and those who read it to change hearts and thusly and prayerfully see change that brings help soon enough to encourage our children and grandchildren to walk uprightly.

I will continue to add thoughts and instructions related to Encouragement in the near future.  You will find as the page is being built posts that are meant to share the Gospel and produce materials for Christian Growth.  Feel free to share any and all material you find helpful with your family and friends.