Jesus is preparing His disciples, who are afraid, for His departing!  He shares, since it is needful that He go away, the Holy Spirit, an advocate, would be with them (John 14:16-17);  teaching them (John 15:15); testifying (John 15: 26); and guiding them: (John 16:13)!

“We who have accepted God’s offer of new life have been given the gift of His Spirit living within us.  He convicts us of our sins and helps us to repent.  He brings us comfort when we ache, strength to bear hardships, wisdom to understand God’s teaching, hope and faith to believe and love to share.”  (ODB)

The Holy Spirit is a member of the Trinity.   Maybe it will help you understand more of the Trinity by thinking this way.  God planned our Salvation, Jesus provides our Salvation and the Holy Spirit convicts and redeems us (He applies our salvation).

“We need the Spirit of Christ, without whom all our works are only worthy of condemnation.”
— Martin Luther

“The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, man does not.”
— Oswald Chambers

The Holy Spirit is God living  in and among those who believe.  It is incorrect to think God is way out “in space” somewhere and we must struggle to get in touch with Him.  The scriptures teach the Holy Spirit dwells in us.  Therefore, He is as close or closer than our very heart beat.

The Holy Spirit is God at work in believers.   One of my favorite teachers in college (because he was so practical) told us one day to “not fear the Holy Spirit but learn to talk with Him.”  Realizing I had feared to much “relationship” and “talk” with the Holy Spirit I took the Professor’s advice and began an active relationship with the Holy Spirit.  My life changed.  I understood so much and from then on I sought His guidance, wisdom, understanding of scripture and much more.  He became my friend.  Funny, all those years of fear, because of false teaching, went away and my Christian life became fruitful.

“Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us, and the Holy Spirit has been sent to prepare us for that place.”
— Author Unknown

Do you need help living your Christian life?  Every Christian I know does.  The Holy Spirit is in us to do that very thing.  Help us live our Christian life!